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      Ultherapy with Pro-Nox

      Skin Tightening and Lifting Without the Downtime of  Surgery


      Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa is the first in the Northern New Mexico area to offer Ultherapy® with Pro-Nox. During this procedure, micro-focused ultrasound energy is directed deep below your skin's surface to initiate your body's natural repair process. This stimulates the production of resilient, new collagen for a natural-looking lift. Your results may improve over the course of three to six months, and your fresher look can last a year or longer. Responsiveness varies from patient to patient, depending on how much skin laxity they have and their body's own biological response to the ultrasound and the collagen-building process.   

        Pro-Nox is the only way we would offer Ultherapy as the ultimate in comfort management. The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System empowers us to safely control your comfort level during in-office procedures such as Ultherapy.  The fixed mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and 50% Oxygen (O2) uses a specially designed on-demand valve that only delivers the medical gases when you inhale. There are no side effects, you can literally drive yourself home after the procedure.


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