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      Trends and Awareness of Injectables
      Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa in Santa Fe, NM

      In our fast growing industry, the changes can be significant with new products on the market and new technologies being developed constantly. At Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa, we only purchase FDA-approved medications and products to offer to our patients. Our nurses are all licensed in New Mexico and are trained and or certified in all the procedures they perform.

      We see a lot of patients and recently have heard of some sad outcomes from patients either receiving treatments or have purchased online products that are not FDA-approved. We advise you to proceed with extreme caution when encountering such issues.

      Some of these trends we would like to share with you.

      The Dangers Of Hyaluron Pen Lip Fillers

      Due to the risks of bruising, scarring and infection, these needle-free injectors should be avoided.

      Dangers Of Hyaluron Pen Lip Fillers

      Hyaluron pens began to rise in popularity during the pandemic, but the medical aesthetic industry warns about the risks of their use. These at-home lip-plumping products- which are shockingly available over-the-counter through a simple internet search-claim to be a quick, needle-free way to give you fuller lips without a visit to a medical spa. This device essentially uses a cylinder-like tube filled with hyaluronic acid. The tube is pressed against the lip on one side while high pressure is released on the other-essentially propelling the hyaluronic acid forward with the goal of driving the material through the skin.

      These devices and products are NOT FDA-approved and we have seen the damage these devices can cause to patients.

      Nonmedical Grade And Not FDA-Approved Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

      Nonmedical Grade Fillers

      While hyaluronic acid is a commonly used material for dermal fillers, that doesn't mean that all hyaluronic acid is created equal. That's why another concern over these nonmedical grade fillers that are not FDA-approved are very concerning. When hyaluronic acid is used in an established medical spa or physicians office, there's a reasonable expectation that it has been tested, FDA-approved and selected to be the best kind of material to be used for a given procedure. Some patients may find cheap fillers offered at an establishment and need to understand that cheap filler is not always the best for their procedure. The complications and lack of lasting results add great expense when a patient has to be treated to have these nonmedical grade fillers that are not FDA-approved removed.

      Our advice is beware of these injectors that offer these products and services and certainly never allow anyone to inject a dermal filler that they made in their office.


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