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      Professional Grade Skin Care Products

      Skin Care Products

      A question we are commonly asked is: "What is the difference between medical-grade professional skincare products and skincare products you can purchase over the counter at department stores or stores such as Sephora, Ulta, or drugstores?" Surely, you have seen ads in magazines or in storefront windows claiming that their skincare products work better than products you find at dermatologists office or medical spa. Although these advertisements catch your attention, are the claims really true? Typically the answer is no.

      First we like to explain that when a product has a high enough concentration to actually alter a cell, then it must be sold under a physicians license. Therefore many of the department store or over the counter products may claim grandiose results, but lack the quality and quantity of certain ingredients to actually live up to these claims. Then with the expense, you actually end up spending more in the long run to replenish the product trying to achieve the end result than if a medical-grade professional product.

      One of the main differences between medical-grade professional products and those found over the counter, is the quality and quantity of active ingredients used in each formula. With medical-grade professional products each ingredient is allowed to be higher. For example, the product brand Obagi, offers a variety of Vitamin C Serums in 10%, 15%, and 20% strengths. Some Vitamin C products found at a department store may claim to have a high percentage of Vitamin C, but the chances are it’s not the stable form meaning the strength is lost before it even penetrates the skin. A more stable form and a higher concentration will bring the best results, and this can only be present in medical-grade professional products.

      Some of the Medical-Grade Professional Skincare Products we are proud to offer at Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa in Santa Fe, NM include:

      Skin Care Products
      Skin Care Products

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